Florist Vs Supermarket

“Well why would I pay double, even triple the amount from a florist when I can get a bouquet for much cheaper from the supermarket?”

We know so many people that ask this question, and many that will always choose to go to their local supermarket over choosing to use a florist, purely based on pricing.

We totally understand, money can be a huge factor in everything we all do at the moment but in this months blog we really want to finally answer your question and tell you exactly what the benefits are of choosing your local florist.

Firstly with supermarkets let’s talk about the price. A great example is that you might be able to find a dozen roses for Valentines Day for less than £15. The reason the cost is lower is because they will most likely be bought in bulk for a large supply which is what brings the cost right down.

We hear a lot of people buying blooms from supermarkets that get upset and wonder “why did they only last 3 days?”.

You will find a lot of supermarkets label their flowers with 3-7 day life span. Usually the reason for this is because there is a huge amount of time between the date they have received the flowers from a supplier, made bouquets, wrapped them and then shipped them across the country. A lot of the time we see that they haven’t been conditioned correctly either which is a big factor in helping with life span. So you aren’t getting your flowers at there absolute freshest.

Still not convinced?

Let me tell you why you should choose your local florist.

At Boxwood, myself and Charlotte chose floristry as our careers. We do this because we enjoy it, we’re passionate about it and we love to make people happy with our creations. We source some of the most amazing blooms from our suppliers which means you get the absolute best product available that lasts from 7-14 days. Our name is on the flowers that you buy from us, so we always want to make sure that everything that leaves our studio is perfect for your enjoyment.

When we get our flowers from our supplier there is a much smaller time difference between the moment we collect our flowers to the moment you or your recipient receives them. This is why our blooms last so long in your homes when looked after correctly, because you are getting our flowers at the beginning of their life span not just at their peak.

The way we price our services is based on several factors; the quality of the product, our labour time to condition and make up your flowers, the packaging and time to wrap, and the delivery as we do all ours in person ourselves. We also take specific requests and can do 100% bespoke bouquets, meaning we can source flowers for you that supermarkets might not have available.

The time, energy and love that goes into flowers from a florist just cannot be compared. It’s a genuine form of creativity and art.

All we ask is that you shop with your local florist if you can, it’s so important to keep independent businesses thriving and as members of this fabulous industry we thank you all for your continuous support!

Steph @ Boxwood

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